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American International College
Committed to the intrinsic worth of each individual, AIC’s community consists of students faculty and staff from all walks of life We welcome just under 3,000 undergraduate and graduate students annually from across the United States and over 30 countries across the globe.
% enrolled undergraduates that are minority students
% enrolled undergraduates that are Latinx students
Scholarship opportunities for Latinx, first generation, or other underrepresented populations.
Scholarships: We offer merit based scholarships for all incoming undergraduate students, where we take a look at their cumulative GPA at the time of applying. Once latinx, first generation, or other underrepresented students are attending AIC, they may be eligible for additional scholarships offered by specific groups on campus, including the ACE program.
Support services for Latinx, first generation, or other underrepresented populations.
We have the AIC Core Education program, better known as ACE, which is a federally funded program for first generation college students as well as those with limited financial means. The ACE program supports students through personal mentoring, academic support, career counseling, financial aid assistance, and more to help ensure academic success at AIC.