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Medical Laboratory Science
College of Science
The College of Science at George Mason University blends traditional science education with sought-after programs in molecular medicine, climate dynamics, planetary science, forensic science, environmental studies, and geoinformation science to prepare students for exciting careers at the cutting edge of interdisciplinary scientific domains. From outreach with our local education community to pioneering research, we are offering insight and solutions to today’s most complex issues.
Assad Khan, Undergraduate Programs Coordinator, COS. Photo by Creative Services/George Mason University

Assad Khan

Associate Director for Undergraduate Student Affairs

Cristiana Stan

Cristiana Stan

Undergraduate Coordinator and Associate Professor, Atmospheric Sciences

Malda Kocache

Malda Kocache

Professor and Honors Coordinator, Biology

Deborah Polayes

Deborah Polayes

Director for Undergraduate Academics and Professor, Biology

Megan Erb

Megan Erb

Associate Chair for Department of Chemistry and Biology

Stacey Verardo

Stacey Verardo

Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator, Earth Science and Geology

Joseph Weingartner

Joseph Weingartner

Associate Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator, Physics and Astronomy


Diego Vaderrama

Assistant Professor and Advisor, Environmental Science


Kim Carisi

Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator, Forensic Science

Christine rosenfeld

Christine Rosenfeld

Assistant Professor and Advisor, Geography

Jan Allbeck Honors

Jan Allbeck

Associate Dean,
Honors College

Natalie V Honors

Natalie VanderNoot

Class of 2022
Major: Biology
Hometown: Lebanon, NH

Abby W Honors

Abby Walsh

Class of 2024
Major: Forensic Science
Hometown: Scranton, PA

Our majors and the difference between required and optional concentrations.

Top tier research opportunities and working with faculty.

A Bachelor of Arts degree v. a Bachelor of Science degree.

Pre-med and pre-health tracks.

Student organizations related to the science fields.