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West Lafayette, IN

Purdue University is home to over 30 000 undergraduate students 11 academic colleges and world-renowned programs research and faculty members. Located in West Lafayette – Indiana Purdue is a global leader in Engineering and ranks highly in Nursing Pharmacy Business Hospitality and Tourism Management Education and Computer Science. The student-to-faculty ratio is 13-to-1 and most class sizes average between 25 and 35 students.
% enrolled undergraduates that are minority students
% enrolled undergraduates that are Latinx students
Scholarship opportunities for Latinx, first generation, or other underrepresented populations.
Emerging Leader Award: This scholarship is directed to students from the historically underrepresented populations (African American or Black, Hispanic or Latin(x), American Indian or Alaskan Native, 2 or more races, or Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander. Indiana Residents receive $10,000 and Non Residents receive $15,000 per year for a maximum of 4 years. Emerging Leaders also receive academic assistance and mentoring. Student in the College of Science selected for the Emerging Leaders Program will be Emerging Leaders Science Scholars.
Support services for Latinx, first generation, or other underrepresented populations.
Purdue has five Cultural and Resource Centers on campus, including a Latino Cultural Center. Our Cultural and Resource Centers seek to enhance diversity through education and programming and create and sustain an inclusive community, which is an integral part of the Purdue experience. They also act to increase and retain the number of historically underrepresented and diverse students, faculty, and staff at Purdue and prepare all students to thrive in our diverse, global environment. The Purdue University BoilerMENTOR program is a peer-to-peer mentoring program for first-year students who are recipients of the Emerging Leader Award as well as other exceptional students who wish to be a part of this opportunity. While all organizations are welcoming to all students; currently over 200 student organizations specifically target subjects of race and ethnicity. Horizons Student Support Service: Designed to be a friendly and easily accessible hub of holistic support for the students. Diversity Resource Office: This office is dedicated to encouraging, developing, administering, and assessing programs and activities that foster a climate within Purdue that celebrates the diversity of all members of our university community.