April 19, 2020

Spring 2020 Virtual Spring Preview 1 Red Group Rotation 2

Academics & University Life

Schedule of Events

This is why you are here- to learn! Talk with the school or college where your major lives. Each school will give two presentations followed by Q&A during this rotation, so you can check out more than one! Already know about your major? Scroll down and jump in to live chat rooms for University Life Offices- all here to make your Mason experience amazing!

Academic Presentations

Presentations begin @ 7:10pm & 7:35pm

Don't know which college your major is in?

Check out our complete list of majors by school to help guide you!

University Life Open Video Chats

University Life representatives are here to talk with you live! Ask a question using the chat feature in each room or just listen in to get answers to questions asked by others!

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