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Tom Jackman

Writer, "True Crime" blog, The Washington Post

Tom Jackman has worked as a reporter at The Washington Post since 1998, most recently covering the D.C. protests responding to the death of George Floyd in police custody. Before the Post, he covered crime and courts for The Kansas City Star, where he also wrote a best-selling book about a serial killer, penned a weekly column and hosted a weekly TV show. At The Post, Tom led the trial coverage of the D.C. sniper case, and he was the lead writer on The Post’s breaking news stories about the Virginia Tech massacre, which won a Pulitzer Prize. He now writes The Post’s “True Crime” blog covering crime and justice issues nationwide. Tom’s experience as both a reporter and blogger has broadened his skills as a multi-media journalist, forcing him to master shooting video, taking and editing still photos, creating charts and graphs for his blog posts, web-smart headline writing and using social media to get his stories to the widest possible audience.

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