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June 7, 2020

WJMC Alumni




“Wjmc was the greatest time of my life. Since then, I have never been afraid to speak up about the stuff that matters to me. WJMC not only helped me build my confidence but it helped me find my voice.”

-Kesha Little, WJMC 2018


“I attended WJMC in 2017 and it was there that I realized that I wanted to become a journalist. Listening to speakers in the field and learning about their work inspired me, and I am so grateful for that experience. Since then, I have finished my second year of college at George Mason and am now the Co Editor-in-Chief of our student newspaper, both things that WJMC laid the foundation for.”

– Laura Scudder, WJMC 2017


“WJMC was a game changer for me. It opened my eyes to the big world of journalism and helped me combine my love for sports and writing. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity I would recommend to anyone.”

– Kobe Mosley, WJMC 2018


“The lessons you learn about the past, present and future of journalism through WJMC are unlike any other. The dialogues you have about the first amendment and producing quality journalism are more important than ever! WJMC was a major highlight of my high school experience and I can guarantee it will be one of yours too!”

– Jenna Cohen, WJMC 2017


“Something that I truly found remarkable about WJMC, and something that I never thought I would find, is the bonds I made with the other correspondents. Even though it’s been three years since I saw them, being able to communicate virtually hasn’t gotten in the way of creating strong friendships. I met my best friend at WJMC and a dozen other lifelong friends who I communicate with on a daily basis and it’s all been done electronically”

– Taj Kokayi, WJMC 2017


“I cannot say enough good things about my experiences at WJMC! Going as a high schooler, the conference opened my eyes to the variety of career options out there and gave me role models to look toward. I’ve been to WJMC 3 summers now, and I always walk away feeling inspired, enthusiastic and loved by all the amazing staff and correspondents that attend!”

-Isabelle Robles, WJMC 2015


“WJMC gave me the opportunity to listen to phenomenal speakers that I most likely would have never heard from in person. Listening to these various journalists speak, and seeing their work is truly inspiring whether you are aiming for a career in journalism, or other careers that incorporate media, human rights, global issues, etc. WJMC allowed for me to form and strengthen my own opinions, and has provided me a base for a wonderful college career path, while also providing me with experiences that have extended my overall knowledge.”

– Gaby Latimer, WJMC 2016


“WJMC helped give me an in-depth look into media that I had never experience before and helped solidify my desire to work in the media industry. Almost 8 years later, I am grateful for the connections made that helped steer me towards and keep me focused on my goals. ” 

– Geena Gerome, WJMC 2012

“The Washington Journalism and Media Conference has influenced my trajectory in a plethora of ways. One of the most meaningful aspects of WJMC was building a social network of journalism peers and mentors. I continue to draw upon the skills learned from the speakers and workshops, particularly digital storytelling strategies, in this revolutionary period in journalism.”

-Doni Holloway, WJMC 2013


“WJMC has been one of the most life-changing experiences I have ever had without a doubt. Being able to have access to our speakers and hear their stories gave me the confidence I needed to be able to do anything I want and try to change the world!”

– Camden Layton, WJMC 2016