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Washington, D.C.


AU is a medium-sized institution that offers the feel of a private liberal arts school as well as the resources of a large research institution. Our students not only experience life on campus but they also take part in internships in the DC area as well as study abroad during their time as undergraduates. 92% of AU grads are gainfully employed and/or are going to graduate school within 6 months of graduation.

% enrolled undergraduates that are minority students
% enrolled undergraduates that are Latinx students
Scholarship opportunities for Latinx, first generation, or other underrepresented populations.
We have our District Scholars program that serves students living in DC and attending public high/public charter schools. We recommend that all students applying to AU complete both their FAFSA as well as their CSS profile. We meet all demonstrated need when both of those forms are completed.
Support services for Latinx, first generation, or other underrepresented populations.
Our Center for Diversity and Inclusion services many students on campus, and we also have affiliate groups that can help to build more community as well: American University League of United Latin American Citizens, Latinx and American Students Organization, First Generation Student Union, Puerto Rican Student Organization, Saudi Student Association, No Lost Generation, International Student Union, Black Student Union and more: