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Santa Fe, NM

St. John’s College is a small liberal arts college located in both Santa Fe, NM as well as Annapolis, MD. We offer a single four year Program in the liberal arts based on the reading and discussing of the Great Books of the Western Canon. Through this Program, students will delve deeply into history, philosophy, mathematics, physics, linguistics, literature, biology, and music, among others.
% enrolled undergraduates that are minority students
% enrolled undergraduates that are Latinx students
Scholarship opportunities for Latinx, first generation, or other underrepresented populations.
While there are no specific scholarships for certain groups of students, St. John’s College is committed to making our education as affordable as possible for students.
Support services for Latinx, first generation, or other underrepresented populations.
St. John’s provides a comprehensive summer bridge program for underrepresented students to orient them to campus. Through a series of sessions and team building activities, students are introduced to the various support services at their disposal. Students will additionally meet their faculty advisor who will be with them for the first year of college to discuss academic concerns or worries. This advisor will meet with the student throughout the year in order to ensure they are academically supported and connected with the proper resource. By having students engage with this opportunities earlier and more deliberately, the program ensures that they persist until graduation.