Admissions Events

May 27, 2020

WYSE Virtual Experience Program Content



Each day of the program, students will have the opportunity to join experts in different environmental fields in exclusive speaking events via Zoom. Students will be able to hear from speakers in real-time, ask the speakers questions about their experiences, and learn about the environmental issues through the eyes of professionals.

Speaking events are conducted in both entire-program settings and in breakout sessions for a more personalized experience. Students are encouraged to ask questions and engage with speakers to get the most out of their time at WYSE!

Speaking Topics

  • Conservation Biology
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Environmental Law and Policy
  • Environmental Justice
  • Environmental Careers
  • Environmental Communication
  • College Admissions
  • …and more



The unique ability for WYSE to connect students nation- and world-wide is a key component of this experience. Students can work with program staff and other students in breakout rooms and through a moderated chat feature that will be available throughout the entire conference and after the event is over. 

The program is designed to pose thought-provoking questions and encourage discussion among students to go beyond a surface-level understanding of content presented during the week. 

Speaker Video Chats

All students will be directed into smaller video chat groups to participate in guided discussions following each large group speaking event. Students will participate in smaller breakout speaking events and will have group discussion chats specific to those speaking events, as well.

Chatter Feed

Continuous communication is a key component of the WYSE Virtual Experience. Students will have access to an ongoing program-wide chat feature that will include posts, polls, and questions posted by program staff, speakers, and other student participants. Students can interact with the chat feature much like they would on any social media feed. 

Simulation Video Chats

The program simulation is an opportunity for students to “take the driver’s seat” and experience life as an environmental scientist.  Students will be able to access small group chats throughout the duration of the program to coordinate their work on the simulation. Staff will be available during the chats to help guide students through the simulation and aid group discussions within chats.


The interactive experience will be accompanied by learning materials developed by WYSE partners and educators. Learning material will be a supplement to the live, interactive components of the program.

Reading List and Pre-recorded Content

WYSE Staff and educators will provide a suggested reading list of articles, books, and blogs that cover a broad range of environmental topics. All reading materials are optional and are a mix of classic environmental references, current interesting pieces, and relevant topic materials that will assist students through the program and beyond.

Pre-recorded videos will be a mix of existing content and content specially designed for this program. Videos will include interesting environmental productions as well as work completed by program speakers.

Check-out Quizzes

Check-out quizzes provide students with an opportunity to go beyond the speaker events and directed discussion sessions to push their understanding and thoughts on program content further. Quizzes will include open-ended questions, and responses will not be evaluated. Students should use the check-out quizzes as a directed writing exercise to keep their thoughts in one place. Students will have access to their response after the program is complete.

Program Simulation

The program simulation is an opportunity for students to use creativity, collaboration, and learning skills. Students will be placed into small groups to develop a product that they will share with program students and staff